Cruise Prizes                           

  1. Highest Fundraiser (The Cav)
  2. Cruise of the Cause “Ooo La La Darwinite ” (Akron Group)
  3. Best Dressed Gentleman (Eva’s Cafe)
  4. Best Dressed Lady (Spa Lotus)
  5. Best Dressed Bike Pillion (Spa Lotus)
  6. Best Dressed Rod Passenger (Spa Lotus)
  7. Worst Effort Wooden Spoon (Eva’s Café)
  8. Best Cruise Bike (Zip Print)        
  9. Best Cruise Rod (Arafura Catering)
  10. Sir Turkey (KQ Auto’s)
  11. First Recovery (KQ Auto’s)

Shannon's Bike & Rod Show Prizes  

  1. Peoples choice Best Bike
  2. Peoples choice Best Rod
  3. Best pre 1940 Bike
  4. Best pre 1980 Bike
  5. Best pre 1940 Rod
  6. Best pre 1980 Rod
  7. Best Japanese Bike
  8. Best American Bike
  9. Best European Bike
  10. Best British Bike
  11. Best Custom Bike
  12. Best American Rod
  13. Best Custom Rod
  14. Best Race Bike

Assembly Point for Departure

Note: Route map only to be available to those registered.

A print out of the map will also be circulated at the assembly point.